Intense body treatment

Hyaluron & Bakuchiol for nourished, revitalised skin

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"The products sink deeper into the skin and leave it feeling fresh and supple even 2-3 days after the treatment. I feel like I spent the whole day at the spa."

Katya K.

"The oil quickly absorbed into my skin and did not leave an oily or sticky residue. The next morning my skin felt nourished, soft, regenerated and happy."

Tami L.

"I love the serum, it is so lightweight and easy to apply. My dry skin didn't get any better with normal body lotions but with this it feels so soft and looks way better!"

Kim L.

Body Serum und Oil liegen auf Magazin in der Sonne
Bakuchiol Body Oil

T-01 body serum & oil

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One tree per order

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