Upcycling Beauties

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Recycling, zero waste, upcycling - terms that have become increasingly common in recent years. However, they do not only refer to the realms of fashion, food, and lifestyle. There is also a need to rethink beauty products.



What does upcycling look like in the beauty industry?


It can look like this: raw materials that were once merely a by-product get a new life of their own. They can get repurposed with a little bit of effort. And make valuable new raw materials of their own for an entirely different industry.

It is simply upcycling. Re-using leftovers, by-products, or waste and giving them a new purpose. Like recycling, upcycling contributes immensely to a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Upcycling goes hand in hand with the idea of Zero Waste. You've got one initial raw material and use every one of its parts. Even if it sometimes looks like it is a little bit more work. That way, no valuable resources are wasted. 

It really isn't even that complicated. You can produce high-quality oils from by-products of the food industry. Leftover fruit seeds and pulp, for example, are used to extract these gorgeous oils. 



Where can you find upcycled oils?

Our Body Oil with Bakuchiol features just these kinds of oils. Grape seed oil is a delightful ingredient that gently nourishes your skin and is high in linoleic acid and tocopherols. It is absorbed very quickly while it also firms and protects the skin. 

We obtain this high-quality oil from leftover grape seeds from wine production. The actual grape seeds are not of any interest to wine manufacturers even though they have plenty of them as a by-product. But they are like a diamond in the rough for skincare items like luxurious oils and creams.

The bright orange-red Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil is also an upcycled oil that has well deserved its place in T-01 Body Oil. It promotes skin regeneration and binds moisture making it ideal for dry and blemished skin. 

The supply of this kind of ingredient is still limited, though. However, the awareness and, consequently, the demand for these products continues to grow.


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T-01 Hyaluronic Body Serum

Hyaluronic acid replenishes the skin's moisture reserves, while fig and seaweed extracts supply the skin with vitamins.

T-01 Bakuchiol Body Oil

Bakuchiol and natural retinol from cacay oil plump up the skin and reduce the appearance of mild wrinkles. A delicate oil with powerful effects.

T-01 Body Treatment

The ultimate duo against dry skin and signs of aging. The effects of body serum and oil unfold their full potential when used together.