Hachiko's story

About us

Sparked by our personal difficulties to find suitable skincare products for our individual skin issues, hachiko started to take shape. During the development process, we found a passion for creating exciting body treatments that would benefit the skin with its high-quality active ingredients. 

Because it's not just our face that deserves consideration - we make sure you can treat your body to a skincare routine that matches the one for your face.

Developed in Berlin

Inspired by the loyalty, persistence & love of our namesake, we develop vegan (and of course cruelty-free) skincare and support conservation projects to help minimize our impact on the planet. 

In our studio in Berlin, we create and develop new product ideas. For this we are constantly looking for unique and effective ingredients for our products.

Unisex skincare

Skincare for Every Body

We want to honor and celebrate the body because it does so much for us each hour of the day. We believe it deserves all our love and respect. That's why we want to give you wonderful opportunities to take care of it and be your trusted companion in skincare.


Caring for ourselves and our planet

We strive to make hachiko Skincare as environmentally friendly as possible. We reduce plastic wherever possible, our paper packaging (labels, shipping boxes and materials) are FSC certified, and especially for oils, we prefer to choose organic and even upcycled oils.

In addition, we are making an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and offset unavoidable emissions. That is why we are excited to partner with ecologi to plant a tree for every order.